12 October 2006


Well, the Wordsmith has just returned from a much-needed holiday in Crete. It was good to get away but not without problems. Having decided to take my new laptop so I could catch up on emails while away, it was disappointing to arrive and discover our hotel's wifi was temporarily out of action. I had to resort to standing on my balcony and piggybacking someone else's unsecured wifi to log in.

Typically, things kicked off in my absence - I was offered a very lucrative, but sadly urgent, job proofreading a multimedia project. I had to turn that down, as obviously I wasn't planning on spending my holiday working. That's why it's a holiday, right? Never mind, I'm sure they'll keep me in mind for future jobs. A journalism student also mailed me to ask for an interview about one of my projects - I've agreed to that and will be doing a phone interview tomorrow. And I was pleased to see that some of the features I've commissioned are coming in on time. However, my big-name catch is not ready to commit yet and wants to meet me first (in November!). So it looks like if it comes off, this person will be writing for the spring issue rather than the winter one.

Upon my return, I ploughed through several hundred emails. Most were from lists I subscribe to, but others definitely needed attention. I've worked through most of them. The rest will keep until tomorrow. As will some of the highlights of my holiday...

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