09 February 2008

Do you have a story to tell?

If you do, you might like to head over to Getting Ink Requests. This new website will be showcasing journalists' pleas for what's known in the industry as case studies. Despite the rather clinical term, it really means we just want to talk to ordinary people who have a story to tell. That could be you, or someone you know.

Will, you get paid? That depends. A lot of the women's weekly magazines will pay for "real life" stories. Newspapers generally do not. Unless you've had a fling with a top footballer, in which case the tabloids will almost certainly pay.

Money aside, almost everyone has interesting things going on in their lives. Your story could inspire others, help them, act as a warning or just give them that "feel good" feeling. So if you have something to say, check it out.

Likewise, if you're a journalist or PR, you could find it very useful.

It's really good to see colleagues coming up with new ways of hooking up with the general public - this is one such initiative I'd like to see flourish.

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