13 February 2008

On Googleski Boulevard

I had a temporary panic earlier. Having decided to install Google Analytics on one of my websites instead of Statcounter, which I normally I use, I was somewhat taken aback.

Logging back in to my Google account revealed everything was now in Russian. Some 30-odd years ago, in what seems like practically another lifetime, your humble wordsmith studied Russian briefly while a stripling teenager struggling to make sensible O-level choices. (The very fact I've mentioned O-levels dates me.) Alas, I barely remember those heady days of learning the Cyrillic alphabet and such bizarre phrases as "Pyotr in skafe" (Peter is in the cupboard - don't ask). I have retained only the important stuff, such as how to order vodka, say thank you and toast the room.

So I was a tad flummoxed when my Google account displayed essentials such as Alerts, Gmail and Blogger in an alphabet I forgot how to read long ago. Returning to Analytics and instructing it to use UK English as the default language had no effect.

In the end, in desperation I logged out of Google and logged back in again. Calm was immediately restored. Everything was once more in HM Liz 2's English. Cue a huge sigh of relief.

It seemed a toast was in order. I eyed my favourite bottle of Stolychnaya but it felt like I might be tempting fate. So, dear reader, here I sit, heady on the fumes of a 20-year-old Armagnac. All is well at Wordsmith Towers.

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