11 February 2008

National recognition

Well, blow me! That nice chap at the Guardian, Roy Greenslade, has given this blog a mention in his weekly column in Media Guardian. Greenslade is giving a well-deserved nationwide plug to the new case-studies website that I mentioned in my last post.

I nearly fell off my chair in shock when I saw this humble wordsmith getting a nod in the last paragraph. And he has described my blog as "engaging". I'm almost embarrassed. Certainly enough to stop me putting "A star is born" as the title, as it occurred to me some readers might think I was being arrogant instead of my usual sarcastic self. But still, the endorsement was enough to send my stats mile-high (I hate that phrase, seeing as I went totally metric in 1991, but somehow kilometre-high doesn't have quite the same ring).

Thanks, Roy. I owe you a pint.

PS, the blog is still for sale if any publishers are interested. ;)

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