01 February 2008

Media diet week 5

Press: another week of illness has kept me confined to the house for all but the briefest forays into the wider world. As usual, I've been reading the papers online. The only new publication I've glanced at is The Journalist, in-house publication of the NUJ.*

Blogs: no new discoveries this week. Intriguingly, the TV Controller is back and blogging again, and it looks as though he's backing down in the face of possible libel suits...

TV/radio: last night's episode of EastEnders was a cracker. June Brown held the entire episode as Dot Cotton in a ground-breaking one-hander. The half-hour flew past and I almost shed a tear or two several times. Very emotional and draining stuff.

Books: I'm well into Rupert Everett's autobiography now, at least halfway through. Which means it's unputdownable and has been a welcome companion as I settle for sleep at night. The only other books I've picked up this week have been finance dictionaries and other reference works.

* Confession time - I bit the bullet and rejoined after a very long absence.

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Anne Brooke said...

Sorry you've been ill - hope all better soon. And I've got Everett's biography in my book pile too - looking forward to it immensely!