13 February 2008

Pitching and tossing

Ever tried pitching a story that no one wants? I was offered a gem of a feature idea 6 months back but decided it needed time to simmer before selling it. Now I'm on the case and I just can't place it. One editor did want it, actually, but has no freelance budget and can't buy it. Two others I offered it to don't want it at all even though it's right up their street. The problem is the story has an "adult" element that is no doubt putting off any potential takers. I pitched another mag today in the hope they might pick it up. Otherwise I'm going to put it on the back burner for a while and see if editor no. 1 has some money again soon.

Last month was hideously quiet because of illness. Now I feel like a swan, gliding gracefully on the surface yet pedalling frantically away below in an effort to catch up and earn some money again. If I hadn't had my regular editing jobs in January I'd be living on gruel right now. I'm also struggling to source some interesting stories for an overseas client - rather difficult when not much is happening news-wise in that particular arena.

On a brighter note, I have a new copywriting job in the bag (start date to be decided). I rang my Lovely Graphic Designer for a chat about the work as, once again, we'll be sharing a client. It was good to catch up but I was also heartbroken to learn my LGD is moving office. For the last 3 years, he's been in a studio across the street from me - the convenience has meant it's been very easy to organise meetings or just get together for a coffee and kvetch. Soon, he'll be out in the sticks in what sounds like a very nice converted farm building but will be a bugger for me to get to without a car. An interesting challenge lies ahead. Mostly my disability is not an issue, but it will be if I want to see my LGD.

The Greenslade effect continues apace. I'm enjoying the extended rise in readership levels. Long may they keep tuning in. At this rate, I'll be owing Roy not a pint but a whole flaming brewery...

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