31 August 2006

Like a coiled spring

The MS still hasn't arrived. I'm drumming my heels in frustration because I'd cleared this week and next to work on it. Instead, I've been mooching around the house - frustrated and bored. Unusually, I've had no quick-turnaround jobs come in that would have filled the time and earned me some money. I've had several offers of work for next week though, which I've had to turn down.

One was from a Pole wanting a thesis proofread over the weekend. I replied with some probing questions as I was unsure if I wanted to take it on. Needless to say, I've heard nothing back. That's the kind of client that annoys me more than any other bar late payers - the ones that contact you and ask if you can do xyz. You respond in detail and it vanishes into cyberspace. Forever. These things are a waste of my time but I can't ignore a request because it makes me look unprofessional if I do. An email saying thanks but no thanks takes only a minute to write and at least I know then if a job's not going to transpire. No one has any manners though, these days.

On top of that, I'm dealing with a family crisis, which is taking its toll on me - I managed just three hours' sleep last night and have been feeling wrecked all day. Probably just as well the MS isn't here - I'd have done a poor job on it.

Roll on bedtime...

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