29 August 2006

A victory for common sense

The commissioning ed at the financial publisher just agreed to pay my requested fee, same as before. I didn't even have to argue my case on the phone. Must have been my persuasive email last Friday...

I must admit to relief, given that I was prepared to turn down a very large job on a principle. But I doubt any of the eds there will be trying to pull a stunt like that on me again.

I'm fed up with penny-pinching publishing companies run by accountants who expect skilled professionals to do a great job for peanuts. Editors and proofreaders make books readable and that costs money - if publishers want to sell quality products they can't expect to skimp on the nuts and bolts. Especially when they are paying the Wayne Rooneys half a million a pop to mumble a few words into a ghostwriter's tape recorder.

Rates are falling for journalists too.

If we want to earn what we are worth, we have to stand up for ourselves. I did, and it paid off.

(wanders off to open a bottle of Bolly)

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