16 August 2006

PR, pro blogs and procrastination

A woman with a very charming accent rang me from the French Tourist Board today and invited me to a PR bash in Manchester to celebrate BMIbaby's new budget flight to Perpignan. I adore France, I've visited many times and lived in Paris for more than three years. Never made it to Perpignan yet, though... I'm not sure why I've been invited, to be honest. I'm not a travel journalist and doubt I could pitch a story on this to a suitable local source. She was keen for me to attend though and emailed me an invitation. The bash is being held in a posh restaurant that specialises in French cuisine and, being an amateur gastronome, I'm tempted to go just for the grub. I'll decide in the next day or so.

I've just been offered a job blogging for a tech company on web issues - it sounds great and I'm keen to do it, at least for a trial period if we can agree on terms and conditions.

I'm horribly behind again this week. I've been copywriting 20 pages for a new web design company - it was a great job to do because of the brief. It should have been signed off last week but the brief arrived well behind schedule and that meant I had to clear the decks of the other work I'd taken on before I could get stuck in. I handed over the first drafts this afternoon (later than intended as I couldn't work this morning for personal reasons) and my client is thrilled. There's a couple of tweaks to do, plus one more page to write up early next month and then it's complete.

My next assignment involves an urgent proofreading job for a small booklet on polyamory (the art of having several loving relationships on the go in an open manner, rather than cheating and having secret affairs). The author is an acquaintance and colleague, so I was delighted to be offered the work. I had a quick read earlier this evening and it looks fantastic. It deserves to sell widely and it will, it is hoped, open a debate on the issue of why monogamy does not always suit people. It'll be published very soon, so go and buy it.

After that, it's catch-up time yet again at Chateau Wordsmith - my list of outstanding jobs grows ever longer. I think I need a secretary as I'm starting to lose track, even with all my bits of paper and computer calendars to note all my commitments in. The trouble is, I'm too easily distracted and I've spent too much time this week playing card games on my PC when I should have been working. Maybe I should uninstall it...

My premium bonds did me proud again this month. Sadly not proud enough to retire, but it's enough to add to my footwear collection. So it's back to the tasklist to keep bringing the quids in...

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