25 August 2006

Over and out

After a brain-wrenching morning, I finally finished writing the copy for my new website and handed it over to my lovely graphic designers (yes, there are two of them now).

Writing one's own copy is the worst job imaginable. Doing it for others is easy, but it's nigh on impossible to write objectively about yourself or your business. Last night, I seriously contemplated hiring another copywriter to do my home page. My beloved P was still home with a bad back today, so I got him to look over my draft as I'd really reached the stage where I just couldn't see what was wrong with it. I just knew it wasn't right. P was able to spot the problem almost immediately. I was so grateful I brewed him a cuppa then got on with writing the last paragraph. A few minutes adding some meta keywords to complete the list and all was ready.


Despite it being the last Friday of the month, I couldn't face doing the books. I'm now three weeks behind. Looks like the Bank Holiday will be occupied with paperwork...

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