12 August 2006

A mad week at Wordsmith HQ

Been a bit of mad week here at Wordsmith HQ. My "to do" list seems to be getting longer, not shorter, which is frightening because I've been working my socks off for days trying to get stuff done.

I had a massive head crisis on Monday when my graphic designer rang to tell me that the draft designs for my new website were ready. In the interim I had tried contacting the publisher of the magazine of which I was supposed to be becoming the editor, to no avail. And the guy who runs Connect Media North West had suggested I start a commercial blog. And I'd also been considering putting a blog on my new site, which would bring the total to five as I already have three on the go. Luckily, the beloved P was at home so I went and talked the issues over with him - he made me realise that until I knew what was happening with the mag, there was no point deciding to start yet another blog. Or two. So I decided there will be no blog on the new website and the commercial one would go on hold. I arranged with my designer to see the designs on Wednesday.

I juggled a few copywriting jobs - I was behind schedule on two of them. The others I've been able to put back a few days. I'd also barely started writing the copy for my own site. I haven't done my books for a fortnight. And the paperwork is piling up on my desk for all kinds of things. I just felt like going out into the back garden and yelling "Aaaaaaargh!" in a very loud voice. Only the thought of having to explain myself to the cops prevented me from doing so.

A client who offered me work 6 weeks ago then never contacted me again rang out of the blue full of apologies. She wanted me to do an urgent job and I agreed. I expected it the next day but it never arrived and I got an email at the end of that day saying sorry, but I wasn't needed after all. But she wants to use me in future. Another company got in touch about writing a newsletter for them - a useful chat but she wants me to pitch. I will, but I'm sceptical as to whether it will lead to anything.

Anyway, Wednesday arrived and I went to look at the web designs. They are excellent. It gave me the kick I needed to get on with writing my copy and it's progressing well, although I'm dreading having to write the tags.

On Thursday, the mag publisher rang at last. Change of plan. The investment he was hoping to get for the magazine hasn't come through yet, so he's decided to edit the mag himself for just now. He suggested I become Contributing Editor in the meantime, as I can source lots of new writers and photographers plus generate feature ideas. We'll talk more about it next week, but it sounds like a good compromise until the money issue is resolved. At least I'm still in there - at first I thought the message was going to be "sorry but I've changed my mind and found someone else instead to do the editing".

That means I can now gives some serious consideration to the commercial blog idea. I have someone in mind who might be interested in being part of the team. A phone call and pub meet are required...

It's already the weekend and before Monday I simply must clear the papers off my desk and get some semblance of order back in my working life. I wish someone would invent a 50-hour day.

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