23 August 2006

No beans today

I took the day off today. I was utterly sick of copywriting for days on end and I signed my latest project off yesterday so it was time for Wordsmith time, even though I'm behind on writing the copy for my own website mark 2. I'd already arranged to take my nephew out to lunch - I've been a bad aunty this year to him. Last time I saw him was at Xmas and much has happened since then in the Wordsmith clan.

While I was planning the trip, I arranged to meet another copywriter I've been talking to with a view to exchanging work overspill. That fell through at the last minute so I asked the head word boffin of Connect Media North West if he fancied meeting for coffee while I was in Manchester. We duly fixed a time and a place and managed spectacularly to fail to hook up, despite being less than 5 metres away from each other! Duh... that'll teach both of us not to swap moby numbers in advance. My beloved P was home sick today, so I was frantically ringing home to see if Mr CMNW had mailed me in my absence. He hadn't, so I finished my coffee and sudoku puzzle (free with the crappy daily someone had thoughtfully left on the train for me) after waiting a reasonable amount of time then I went for a walk round Manc Central before my lunch date with my nephew.

Aunty duties duly fulfilled, I caught the train back home to Wordsmith HQ. No thanks to the bastards who vandalised the train I should have caught, by bricking the windows, and forcing me to go the long way home via rural Cheshire...

Now frantically catching up on mountains of emails and the news. Have earned nowt today. The only beans that went anywhere near me were of the ground Java variety.

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