01 January 2007

2007 off to a good start

The new year is barely a day old and I'm officially not at work until tomorrow but I've already been offered two jobs today. The magazine I write for has contracted me to write a style manual to ease the editing process and has also commissioned me to proofread the page proofs before the publication goes to press.

I've also been offered the possibility of copy-editing a very large book, but I don't know enough about the work yet to price it or even say if I can do it. I also am unsure about the client - whether I'll get paid or not, etc. So I'll wait and see how that pans out before committing myself.

Life at Wordsmith Towers is being handled carefully today as yours truly is feeling a little fragile after last night's festivities.

Tomorrow, work resumes in earnest and the next two weeks are looking very busy already... somehow I must find the time to keep up my intention of going to the gym 3 times a week.

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