12 January 2007

Chilled white wine

I'm sitting here sipping a 2002 South African colombard. Well deserved, I might add.

I've finished the book, completed one style guide, written two-thirds of the other one, sent out my invoices, edited some copy for two business clients and sat through a 90-minute meeting with a new client. Not all today, just since my last blog.

All well and good. I still haven't phoned to make an appointment for the haircut - that's first on tomorrow's list. Then I'm going to catch up with my poor neglected friends again. The busy week was made even busier nursing my beloved P through bronchitis this week. Working from home can be lonely at times, but it's preferable to having a sick significant other under one's feet all day - it's very distracting and, much as I love him, it makes it difficult to concentrate on the job. That's one advantage office workers have over me.

Talking of which, I've been tuning into Radio 4 all week to listen to Working From Home, five 15-minute programmes on the realities of being self-employed. Very resonant.

Now I'm putting my feet up and enjoying the peace and calm of a quiet Friday evening, before the Monday madness resumes...

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