04 January 2007


Three days back at work and I've been struck down with a cold. I blame my beloved P, who's been nursing a virus for a few days. Yesterday, he stayed home, too sick to go into work. At least being based at home allows me the luxury of working in my dressing gown, although I was really struggling today.

My head is swimming and I can't concentrate much. The book I am working on has turned out to be less straightforward than I expected and I'm severely regretting my decision to take it on and bail the client out of a hole at short notice. On top of which, a lot of my regular clients, for whom I do short-notice, fast-turnaround jobs, all want a piece of my time too.

I took a couple of hours off this afternoon for a nap, in the vain hope I'd feel more up to working after after some zeds. Fat chance. I feel worse now than before. Roll on tomorrow...

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