09 January 2007

Where do all the hours go?

I suspect they deliberately hide in a dark corner somewhere.

I've been seriously rushed off my feet over the last week while battling a cold (thankfully now gone). My "to do" list seems to be ever lengthening and I wonder how on earth I'm going to find the time to tick all the tasks off.

I'm now more than two-thirds of the way through the book I'm editing, but I still have a style guide to finish for one client and another to start writing for another client, plus his proofs to check. My accounts need looking over, so I can see who still owes me money and chase them for it. My two pitches were both turned down :( so I need to devote some time to repitching them in a different format or finding some other publications to aim them at.

In between all that, I need to find some spare moments to get my hair cut, go to the bank, read through the pile of new reference books I've just invested in and start some proper work on the news website I want to launch.

And the year is only 9 days old!

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