22 January 2007

Domestic crises

Yes, more than one. Things are off to a bad start at Wordsmith Towers. This morning, the ring main blew on the first floor of the house - the lights are working but the plug sockets are dead. My beloved P has just this morning flown abroad for work, so we can't fix the electricity problem until Thursday at the earliest. Luckily, I can still shower elsewhere in the building and the supply is fine in my office, so I can still earn a living.

To make matters worse, I was putting my contact lenses in when the cleaner arrived and, in my haste, managed not to put the left one in. I didn't realise until some 20 minutes later when I wondered why I was having trouble reading my emails. The left lens is missing in action - 4 people have tramped through Wordsmith Towers since I lost it: me, P, the cleaner and his apprentice. The lens could be anywhere now and has probably been crushed under someone's shoe. I resigned myself to the fact that's it gone and have ordered a new one. Only two days to wait until it arrives at the optician. In the meantime, it's back to my glasses.

I've cheered myself up in the interim by phoning my bad debtor and insisting on immediate payment or else they'll be facing court action... hopefully, they will now cough up.

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