25 March 2008

Advertising on blogs

It had to happen eventually. Advertising company Polimedia emailed me to see if they could buy space on my blog to flog one of their clients, Doing Fine.

I can't be arsed to reply, partly because Hotmail doesn't function in Firefox and I'm not in the mood for opening it in IE.

But if you're reading this, Polimedia, my blog is not for sale. Not to advertisers, anyway. I'm Doing Fine without you. I hate the (attempted) commercialisation of everything on the internet and my views cannot be appended to the brand image of some company or other. I don't need your money and I certainly don't want to compromise myself.

I'll continue to post on here what I like, when I like, without worrying if my "sponsor" will get offended and withdraw. Money doesn't buy everything, certainly not me.

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