21 March 2008

Working over the break

It being an extended weekend, I have downed tools. Like many freelances, I'm not working. Not officially, anyway. All my regular editing clients have long been notified of my unavailability over the break. I'm still working, though. Sort of. Today, I've been researching a bit on the internet for an article I'll be filing next week. Over the weekend, I'll be listening back some interviews I recorded a couple of weeks ago, so I can pull some additional quotes for the client. And tomorrow I'm on a press junket.

In the meantime, however, it's playtime. I don't do Easter (although donations of chocolate eggs are very welcome) and while I don't really do Purim, either, there is a religious obligation to get pissed. A perfect excuse, not that I need one. Which is why tonight will see me larging it down the pub with a bunch of fellow hacks. Just because we can.

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