13 March 2008

Office shoes

Time was I wore heels every day to go to work. Being desk-bound, I'd sometimes slip them off if my feet ached. And, of course, by the time I got home my feet would be pretty sore - it'd be shoes off, slippers on.

Now that I'm home-based I only wear heels if I'm actually going out. Otherwise, I wear trainers. Last weekend I decided it was time to buy new trainers (not gym trainers, of which I have 2 pairs) for wearing around the house. My old Kangaroos, bought some 8 or 9 years ago in a foreign country, are worn out and beyond repair.

A trip to town last weekend saw me come home empty-handed. All I wanted was a pair of plain black trainers, with no fancy air pockets, or sprung soles or hi-tops. Or anything else that might make me look like a teenage gangster (ie, mutton dressed as lamb). No. Just plain black trainers, rather like my Kangaroos (which were actually charcoal with a beige streak).

Every shop I tried had white trainers galore. Or black trainers, but in fabric, not leather. Or baseball boots (only suitable for teenagers or baseball players). Then I found black trainers, in nubuck. Perfect. Until the assistant asked if he could help and I discovered that the shoe I was looking at came as up to size 5 in the Junior range and from a 7 upwards for adults. Yep, no size 6.

I grumped home, wondering if I'd be forced to make the Kangaroos somehow stretch to a few more months' wearability.

Then I looked on Schuh. Yay! Black trainers galore. And, in the end, I couldn't decide between two pairs, both in black nubuck, one more blingier than the other. So I bought both. I shall have the funkiest feet in Freelanceville now.

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