01 March 2008

Media Diet week 9

Press: I seem to have acquired a backlog of copies of Press Gazette. The issue of 22 Feb was barely glanced at, last week's (dated 29 Feb) is still in its plastic wrapper and my missing issue from 3 weeks ago arrived in the post today. Where to start? On top of that, it's 1 March and I still haven't read the March issue of InStyle, which is lying on my coffee table. The new one will be in out 3 days' time. Let's face it, life is apparently too short to read owt. I might as well shoot myself now.

Blogs: student hack Dave Lee gets an honorary mention yet again for his exemplary news coverage of the earthquake. What amused me most was the cheeky get emailing his CV to Sky in the aftermath. Clearly a hack who will go far - his ambition knows no bounds, but importantly he has talent too.

TV/radio: I studiously ignored all the earthquake coverage, ditto that on Prince Harry. Not much point blogging on it when everyone else has done so. And besides, I had my own concerns. Another thumbs up for BBC's iPlayer, though, which will dig me out of a Torchwood hole this weekend.

Books: give me a large one so I can batter someone over the head with it... then I'll write about it Liz Jones stylee.

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