17 March 2008

Monitors and wake-up calls

Two days and the best part of £300 later, I finally ended up with a monitor I could work with. Late on Saturday, it was clear that the new monitor was going to cause major health issues, in terms of headaches from the glare, plus eyesight problems due to the fuzziness that refused to sharpen. Sunday saw me trekking back to the shops to exchange the screen for a different one. I also decided to upgrade my graphics card at the same time, in order to get the best out of the new monitor. Hence the huge bill. All tax-deductible, though, and well worth it. The new arrangement is working well, after minor adjustments to the brightness and colour.

I rarely set my alarm clock, even for the earliest starts in the morning, as I'm a natural lark. For those mornings when I don't bound out of bed at 6am, this is what normally happens:

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