30 March 2008

Media Diet Week 13

Press: it's been a dull week news-wise, apart from the fiasco at T5, and I've been too busy over the last week to do more than skim headlines, anyway. But, seeing as it's Sunday, perhaps it's time to fess up that my Sunday papers of choice are the Observer and the News of the World. As with my choice of dailies, I like the contrast between serious broadsheet and saucy red-top. If a really major story breaks over a weekend, I might dip into a couple of other papers too. Gone are the days when I'd wander to the corner shop mid-morning to buy the Sundays plus the necessaries for a leisurely breakfast and then return to bed with food and papers. As with the dailies, I read online mostly. My only other excursion this week was a copy of Look, as the fashion cover lines drew my attention just as I needed to go outfit-hunting (read on...).

Blogs: the find of the week was undoubtedly The Apprent-Bitch, a suitable companion to You're Fired (see below). So good, I felt compelled to chip in.

TV/radio: for someone who doesn't watch much telly, I seem to be watching an awful lot right now. It's TV heaven for me, what with Torchwood (sadly finishing in a few days' time), The Apprentice, I'd Do Anything, Hotel Babylon plus EastEnders. And Dr Who will soon be back. Unusually for me, I seem to be turning on the box every night of the week. The Apprentice got off to a cracking start although no one yet stands out as a real contender for the job. We shall see... The only other TV news I have to report is that I spent most of today trailing round shops getting more and more depressed as I struggled to buy something to wear on the TV. I'm filming for the BBC later this week and the list of Things You Can't Wear is horribly long - no red (it bleeds), no pinstripes on shirts (they strobe), no white (it dazzles), etc. Eventually, just as I was about to bury myself behind the bus station and weep, I found a sweater dress that had a decent neckline and a wearable colour. I'm now over £110 poorer - just for 10 minutes on a channel few watch and a programme even fewer tune into...

Books: I finally finished the lame Water Like a Stone. Naturally, the killer turned out to be someone you could never have worked out for yourself, seeing as the author kindly forgot to leave any clues whatsoever until about 10 pages from the end. I won't be buying any of hers again. At least I have a new Martin Edwards to open tonight. I loved the first of his Daniel Kind whodunnits - I'm sure The Cipher Garden will be as good.


Anne Brooke said...

Torchwood was so good this week - I'm devastated it's the last episode next Friday, groan!!



Juliet said...

Aw, come on, I think you should tell us ALL about this non-strobing, non-dazzling telly appearance! Like when's it going to be broadcast, for instance?

And if you liked the first Daniel Kind novel, I'm sure you'll enjoy The Cipher Garden, too. Daniel's a great character with masses of potential, in M(V)HO.