14 March 2008

JEE whiz...

Your humble wordsmith has had a busy day.

Up at 5am, only to discover - quelle horreur! - that my monitor had popped its clogs overnight and I was minus internet access as a result. Not that I had time to surf, you understand, as I had a train to catch at a time most people are still sleeping through.

No matter, I was in Brum on time for JEEcamp. How to describe? A good opportunity to network, meet hacks I've previously only known online and, importantly, learn the latest about online journalism.

I've been toying with starting up a news site for quite some time and today's JEEcamp unconference was a useful opportunity to pick up dos and don'ts, tips and advice galore. I've come away feeling more confident, enthused and enlightened.

And for proof that I was there:

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Anonymous said...

That's great! If a news site is what you want, then you should do it. My mentor James Brausch says that the important thing is to take action. Good luck to you.