27 July 2006

Battling a small fleet

After being a bit short of paid work the last few days, suddenly it's not just a couple of sloops but nearly a whole fleet!

A web designer who contacted me a couple of months ago about rewriting his web copy has suddenly, out of the blue, decided to go ahead. To be honest, I thought that job wasn't going to materialise. But it has, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.

So now that's two web designers I'll be doing copy for.

An editor I know who also does a lot of financial editing (like me) has once again and very generously passed on a contact for some work. He put me in touch with the investment finance publishers earlier this year, for whom I have since edited two books, with a third expected shortly. Now my colleague has facilitated an opening with a fairly prestigious company that does treasury publications. There's a copywriting job up for grabs, working on a brochure and a sales pitch. Plus the possibility of editorial work. I owe this guy a drink - the problem is we've never met and he lives on the other side of the country. But if we ever do hook up, I'll be buying him a bottle of champagne in thanks for his generosity.

Suddenly I seem to be juggling lots of clients in a small time frame. I just hope I don't drop any balls...

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