26 July 2006

Ship's come in

Well, not the QE2, but a a brace of sloops...

Hot on the heels of losing out on the Lithuanian job, I was asked at very short notice to redraft an email release for a new client who was so chuffed that I was asked to overhaul their website. Then another new client asked me to write a press release!

Happy days.

This business forum I've been networking on the last few weeks is starting to bring in new clients.

I have a nice, fat, juicy copywriting job lined up for next week too. All other work seems to be hold. I'm still waiting for the second investment book to arrive for editing, plus the rest of the university prospectuses. I remember summer was slow for business last year too - people are away on holiday and no one's in a hurry to get anything done. Things always pick up again as summer fades away.

The heat is driving me nuts - it's so hard to work constructively when the mercury's boiling - but it's been slightly cooler the last two days.

In the meantime, I'm still drafting the copy for my new website (I'm quite glad that it's a slack time for paid work, as I need to get this done). Emails have gone back and forth between my host and myself - he's supplying all the techy info I need to pass on to my graphic designer, who is now sunning himself on the Welsh Riviera while I try to write the text.

Time for a glass of wine...

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