18 July 2006

A forum plea, 4 e-mails and a phone call

...was all it took to secure a lucrative contract for writing web copy for a new client. I'm in a celebratory mood.

My new client posted a plea on a business forum I hang out on. I responded with an e-mail, a few more were exchanged, we agreed to chat on the blower and - result! An hour later, I had dissected his needs and we'd agreed to employ me. I followed up with a resumé of our online meeting. A contract will be sent out tomorrow. It's about time I had a nice juicy copywriting job again.

Paid work has been thin on the ground the last few days, mainly because I've been focusing on other work matters that will pay off in the long term.

I had a brief editing gig this morning, with more to follow, but I'm tiring of university prospectuses and fed up waiting for the next investment book MS to arrive from the publisher.

I took the day off yesterday to see my sister. The heat was sweltering, tempered only by the sea breeze in her town. I got trapped in the middle of nowhere on the way home as the train in front of mine had broken down. I arrived home 90 minutes later than planned, gasping for nicotine and cold water, and with no chance of getting any work done as the day was over.

My beloved P is away on business overnight so I shall indulge myself with the tv and a takeaway to take my mind off his absence. And plot tomorrow's work - my lovely graphic designer is dropping by for lunch so we can discuss my new website.

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