10 July 2006

Things are happening...

It's been a busy few days so now I'm playing catch-up...

The "Get BBC Cheshire" campaign is starting to heat up. The North-West Enquirer picked up my blog entry last week about it and several people have contacted me to express their views. One person said: "I've emailed them before about this, and the fact there is no BBC Cheshire radio. Cheshire is unbelievably large, and for the county to be dismissed in this way is equally unbelievable. I was told a while ago that it is not viable to carry out such a thing and was told to just look in either the Merseyside or the Staffs/South Cheshire areas. I think starting from Chester and getting in touch with other towns and cities in the Cheshire (whether it be North, South East or West it doesn't matter! lol) area we should start a campaign for this to change."

Hmmm, depressing news but I'm undaunted. My next plan is to get the Chester Chronicle to do a feature, as they have a county-wide circulation.

I'm also pursuing the issue of MediaManpower - a quick call to the Information Commissioner's Office last Friday was useful. I was asked to make a complaint as they suspect the Data Protection Act has been breached. I duly filled in the form and posted it this morning.

Tomorrow, I'm off to London for a meeting with a publisher about taking over the editorship of a quarterly magazine on a freelance basis. Fingers crossed, and all that... More on that later.

Things are a bit quieter than I would like on the employment front. I'm pursuing a few leads to generate some work. I basically did very little work during Wimbledon fortnight, which was deliberate as I wanted to watch the tournament (I was gutted that Nadal didn't take Federer's crown yesterday), but it's had a knock-on effect. I don't mind - things always pick up. I need prep time today, anyway, for tomorrow. Although I suspect the rest of the week may prove equally dead. Besides, if tomorrow's meeting goes well, I'll be busier than ever.

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