14 July 2006

Working out of hours

Gah! I can't believe I've just agreed to work this evening! It's gorgeous outside - still in the mid 20s C and I was looking forward to a chilled aperitif when the beloved P gets home, followed by supper al fresco then a dose of EastEnders before curling up with my book, which I'm desperate to finish as I think I've worked out whodunnit...

Instead, I've just committed myself to sitting by the computer waiting for an urgent editing job then cleaning the file up as it has to be published tomorrow. Normally, I charge time and a half for evening work and double rate at weekends, but not this time as it's a fairly new client and he's starting to put a lot of work my way, so it wouldn't really have been on. Besides, he'll be grateful I dug him out of a hole and give me even more work.

Talking of EastEnders, I don't know whether to be pleased or not that Wendy Richard is leaving after 21 years as the matriarch from hell. On the one hand, I can't stand Pauline Fowler - she has to qualify as the nastiest bitch of a controlling mother even portrayed on tv. But on the other, I'll be sad to see EE lose a great icon of continuity. If Dot Cotton ever retires though, I may have to commit hara-kiri.

It's not been all bad today - my numbers came up on the Premium Bonds. I doubt I'll be retiring to a country pile just yet, it was only 50 quid. Enough to take my beloved P out for a meal though, just so he knows how much I appreciate him.

I'm busy writing two pieces now for Editing Matters. I was commissioned for a page on the importance of keeping track of time when freelancing - you know, logging each job so you can invoice accurately and also price up new projects properly. This is not usually a problem for me when I'm editing as I charge by the hour and I record every job in an Excel spreadsheet. However, some of my colleagues out there use computer applications to time their work and I foolishly asked our e-mail forum for info. I was inundated with very detailed replies. I had too much material for the word count I was asked for, so I rang the editor and asked if she wanted a two-parter. She agreed, so now I've committed myself to an extra 900 words.

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