18 July 2006

News stories are like buses

You can wait weeks for a local story on the BBC news website, then two come along at once!

Yes, the BBC ran another Chester story today, even though they published one just yesterday. This one's at least news rather than trivia, as it concerns a possible serial offender.

I wonder if the BBC has possibly started listening? One of the campaign supporters sent a message to the powers that be, which said: "I wanted to support this campaign as I am so fed up of Cheshire being missed out! Where I live, Winsford, several major news stories have appeared on the news, however we have been covered under Manchester news items and at other times under Merseyside...we are neither! Please let us have our own Cheshire page!! On a similiar note BBC national news seems to revolve around London news stories. London may be our capital but our daily lives are often affected by more local issues."

Nice to see I'm not the only one fed up with a London-centric media...

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