26 September 2006

10 things

1. Very annoying members of forums who insist they know far more than I ever could on a given topic, even though they don't and I'd already suggested we agree to differ.

2. A client rings minutes before I dash out to finally get my hair cut. Sorry if I was abrupt, but you weren't to know I was in a hurry and I will do what you asked!

3. I have only 7 chapters of the book left, but 2 are very long and I know they will be riddled with problems.

4. My best friend bakes the best bread ever - I had great toast this morning.

5. My back and legs ache after being hunched over a keyboard all day.

6. My hairdresser is also self-employed, so we can have a good bitchfest about the highs and lows of freelancing while he snips my locks and I drink his coffee.

7. I smoke too much when under pressure.

8. My accountant tells me that even if I file my tax return online before 30 September, only employers get the £100 financial incentive. Gah!

9. Why do people in Brazil and Japan spend hours browsing my website when they clearly have no intention of hiring me?

10. My beloved P came home tonight with 800 cigarettes and a bad back after a night away. I'm glad to see him again.

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