05 September 2006

Frustration again

I'm still waiting for that wretched MS to arrive. Just how late can a book be?

In the meantime, I'm using my time productively. I'm off to London next week on a business trip, so I busied myself booking my train ticket and setting up my meetings. I've arranged to see a financial publisher, from whom I hope to get some work in the future. I was lined up for a project with them a couple of weeks ago which has been cancelled, but I hope a face-to-face visit will secure other things later on. I'm also seeing a magazine publisher for whom I expect to be writing features and commissioning others. And I'm seeing a very old pal of mine who I've known since I was 17 (yikes, that's nearly 30 years!). We'll be going for a pint together before I get the train home.

If there's time, I might even squeeze in some shopping...

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