15 September 2006

Respite in sight

I'm about 2/5ths of the way through the hedge funds book. And tearing my hair out. I'm sick of Franglais, sick of Excel files with embedded text that I can't edit and sick of not having the time to do anything else. I haven't read a newspaper all week, for example. I still haven't booked a haircut and it's been about 5 months since I had a trim. I haven't had time to advertise for a new cleaner. I still need to invoice a client and email a couple of others, which I should have done last Tuesday. And I'm going away this weekend, which means tomorrow is already fully booked with a hospital appointment (yes, really!), shopping for shower gel and other dull chores.

Anyway, Sunday I'll be setting off for the wilds of Nottingham so I can participate in the SfEP Annual Conference. I'm looking forward to mixing it with my colleagues for a few days and having a break from that book.

Adios until I return...

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