12 September 2006

I have a little list...

My back problems sent me to bed in severe pain last night, after sitting on trains and ergonomically unsuitable chairs all day yesterday. The 4-inch heels didn't help. My feet still ache today and I'm glad to be back in jeans and trainers. Despite 8 hours sleep, I feel exhausted and I'm struggling to catch up with the email backlog.

I need to be very focused today - my task list is pretty long:

1. Put new ad in the shop window for a reliable cleaner who isn't prone to strops. En route, collect rest of prescription waiting at the chemist for me and drop into the hairdresser to book a long-overdue cut.

2. Ring my lovely graphic designer to find out why the meeting with our client was cancelled.

3. Ring my trainee editor and find out how the sub-contracted work is going.

4. Rebook a place at local networking meeting in Chester on Thursday, now that I've decided not to go to the PR bash in Manchester. Tell the PR person at the French Tourist Board that I'm cancelling on her. And apologise profusely.

5. Send email to Accessorise to let them know their tights are overpriced crap.

6. Start contacting a few people I want to commission for my new magazine job.

7. Write my next column for a local Chester magazine (unpaid). My first one has just been published and should bring some work in. Cheaper than advertising and mail shots.

8. Start chapter 3 of the hedge funds book.

9. Fall into bed still exhausted...

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