27 September 2006

More good things (and huzzahs)

The end of the hedge funds books is in sight at last. Less than two chapters to go (and one of those is only three pages). I will be done by mid-morning tomorrow at the latest (huzzah!) and can sign it off with a clear conscience.

The science company in Merseyside that my beloved P has been pitching me to contacted him by email today to say that I am just what they're looking for (double huzzah!) - I can expect the call any day now. I promised P I'd take him out for dinner at a restaurant of his choice when I get the contract. I let my lovely graphic designer know the latest so he'll be chuffed too.

A copywriting contact I know of only through a business networking website rang me for a chat today to offer me work. And I had an email from the owner of another business networking site I use offering me work too. Only a smallish job, but more in the pipeline probably. Triple huzzah!

Our relief cleaner agreed to work for us on a regular basis. Deal agreed on a handshake. Very good news.

I did some pro bono pitching for a colleague of mine who has written a book - basically contacting a few journalists to drum up some interest in the project. Looking good so far.

My darling cat went missing for a few hours earlier in the day (not good - in fact very worrying) - I was so relieved when I found him shut in the walk-in wardrobe in our bedroom. A small mistake by the cleaner, who's been asked to be careful in the future. It wasn't really his fault - my baby is very good at sneaking into places unseen where's he's not allowed to go.

I'm still behind on a few things, but am rapidly reducing the size of my "to do" list. By this time next week, I'll be packing for my much-needed holiday and heading off to Crete to sip Metaxa and sun myself. I must say, I've earned this.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a good day! I could do one of those. Actually make that a couple of weeks of em.