25 September 2006

The rough and the smooth

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the copywriting today for the Baltic travel company. Unsurprisingly, I probably haven't made much profit on it as I agreed a fixed project fee and, of course, it took longer than expected. No matter, I'll bear that in mind next time they hire me. The job was a very welcome diversion - I had free rein to be very creative with the blurbs so it was good fun and has even tempted me to take a holiday there!

I had to start at 7am though, because of the two-hour time difference. I just had a lovely email from the client saying how I'd impressed everyone in the office with my copy (even the boss, who is apparently difficult to please). I've been offered more work, which is a good thing.

Alas, travel copy done and dusted I had to return my attention to the hedge funds book. It took me 6 hours to edit just 33 pages - the quality of the English in this particular chapter was a nightmare. I hope it goes faster tomorrow. I still have 15 chapters in hand...

My best friend turned up in the middle for coffee and a natter - another welcome diversion.

I'm finished for today now - my beloved P is away overnight on business, so I shall indulge myself with EastEnders and a takeaway later this evening.

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