08 September 2006


I resolved to start editing the hedge funds book today. But first, I had to finish a pro bono release for Backlash and get a pot of tea inside me. That done, I had to deal with a cleaner giving me the runaround and get some invoices in the post. I didn't have the time to actually catch up on the book-keeping though.

Just before I decided to buckle down to the finer points of investment banking, a regular client rang to offer me some work. I didn't want to turn the client down, as he's a good one, but I also didn't have the capacity to handle the work. I took the sensible option - I said yes and sub-contracted the job to a trainee editor I am mentoring. I have every confidence in her ability and the job is straightforward anyway.

That out of the way, I gritted my teeth and got stuck in.

Reader, I won't bore you with the details of franglais. Suffice to say that after five hours, I was ready for my pub date with some local foodie forumites that I hang out with online. I wasn't nervous, even though we'd never met before, because I felt I already know them. We had a splendid evening drinking Stoly and eating Thai food. I came home with a smile on my face, which grew even bigger when I opened the email from a recent client - he's given me a corking testimonial.

I plan a lazy weekend - a family visit, friends round in the evening, quality time with my beloved P.

Trying not to think of Monday's 5am start for my day trip to London. Alas, not pleasure, but business.

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