20 September 2006

Party girl

Note to self: must give liver a rest.

After larging it at the conference on Monday night, I swore I would not drink anything last night when I got home. Hack habits die hard and I had two glasses of wine and no dinner as I sifted through the inevitable mountain of emails awaiting my return.

Another 11 chapters of the book arrived in my absence, as did two offers of work - one from an existing client and one from a new client. I have no idea how urgent either of them are. The book takes priority, of course and I must do a reasonable chunk of it today. But I'll squeeze in a few minutes to respond to the requests and see if I can find a few hours to take the work on. I had two mails from contacts wanting to pick my brains about work-related matters and an offer to take Snake off our hands at last (my beloved P owns a constrictor and we need to find a new home for her). Another client has sent masses of files for my next copywriting job for them - there will be no time today to deal with that apart from an acknowledgement that the stuff arrived.

I'm off to Manchester this evening to meet some localish fellow bloggers and journalists. Good for me, less good for the liver. And on a worse note, the relief postman delivered my renewal form for my disabled railcard to the wrong address a few weeks ago and so I've only just reapplied for the card. The old one expired yesterday, which means I'll have to pay full fare to go to Manchester this evening. Grrr!

Life is full at present - plenty of work, plenty of socialising and networking, an excellent conference the last couple of days which has given me lots of ideas. The only thing lacking is time. And we still don't have a cleaner. Nature abhors a vacuum,and so do I. I also abhor Dysons so a replacement char becomes ever more urgent...

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