07 September 2006

Ghastly day

A row broke out over the last 24 hours on a professional forum I belong to - basically someone decided to flood the listserv with trivia and managed to annoy a lot of people. I was waiting yesterday for the MS to arrive so naturally every time I saw my mail icon flashing I had to download my mails. My heart sank every time I saw yet another trivia mail come in. Eventually, this morning, I lost my rag and ticked the offender off in public for clogging up the forum - did that stop this person? No. They carried on posting to try and justify their actions. Not even an official warning from the moderator was enough to stop the flood. And then, the perpetrator started mailing me offlist to carry on whining. I tore a strip off him in return and told him to stop bothering me. Finally, radio silence prevailed.

I narrowly missed out on a commission to do a monthly newsletter for a financial services firm. I don't offer design work as I believe that's best left to those who can design and the job has gone to someone can both write and design. Fair enough. I have enough on my plate now anyway.

The MS has finally arrived. More on hedge funds - I might have guessed... I haven't started it yet because the last page of copy needed to be done for another client and then I had to proofread the whole website. It took twice as long as expected as their server kept crashing.

I urgently need to do some book-keeping. I'd planned to do it this afternoon but there's no time now so I'll have to do it first thing tomorrow, which means delaying the start of the MS. Which is so late now anyway, it hardly matters.

In the middle of all that, my lovely graphic designer rang to say our mutual client wants a long meeting early next week to plan more stuff. How on earth I'm going to fit that in when I have the hedge funds book to contend with I do not know. I have business trips coming up, further depleting my available hours and a short holiday in October. This is all going to need very careful juggling.

And tonight I have to do a pro-bono press release for the Backlash campaign, which is urgent and can't wait.

I am shattered and stressed and all I want to do is open a bottle and watch EastEnders...

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