21 September 2006

Ploughing through

I'm halfway through the hedge funds book and taking a small break. All the chapters have been received from the commissioning ed now and I'm on schedule to complete the work by the end of next week. In between, I need to squeeze in some time to do a few small copywriting jobs for a Lithuanian client. This is the same company that rejected my pitch a couple of months ago to rewrite their web copy. Never mind, I have some work in the bag from them and it will make a refreshing change from financial markets.

Somehow, I have also managed to volunteer myself to investigate creating a wiki for SfEP. God knows how I will find the time - I'm struggling to keep up as it is. I have work booked in up to the end of October, we are still minus a cleaner (although the relief cleaner is due tomorrow), I'm rushing around trying to at least keep Wordsmith HQ tidy (two loads of laundry already done today, with a third on its way), I'm in the middle of commissioning features for a magazine I've just started working for, I still need to write an invoice for a client (due a week ago, the shame!) and even as I type I've just received an email from someone who found me on a freelance database asking if I'd contribute articles of health and fitness for a new online magazine. I was interested until I scrolled down to the end and discovered they expect me to work for free. Pah! Do they think all freelance hacks are married to sugar daddies and write for fun? I think not...

And my books are three months behind... that's half a day's work, but I don't have the time. I need the life-management fairy to sort everything out.

And I missed the Manchester bloggers gathering last night, after all that (sorry peeps!). I was too knackered and I had a huge zit on my face after all the, um, socialising at the conference. So I decided to stay home.

Perhaps I should invest my meagre savings in hedge funds, make my fortune and hire a chauffeur/beautician/housekeeper...

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